That Halloween I dressed her as a cow

Judging from the look on my daughter's face, Halloween is awesome, y'all! It's the "last of the the firsts," as Amie put it in her blog. Just like that, in what felt like a blink, Olivia has made the rounds for her first holidays.

Full disclosure: Halloween was always an "eh" holiday for me. I never was the one dressing up as an adult and I think Chris and I only attended one or two parties. I was always fine with sitting at home, ordering pizza and passing out candy. Occasionally, when the mood struck, some years we'd carve a pumpkin.

And I know, Olivia is too young to remember any of this. We all know it's all about me. So pumpkin carving it was.

And I realized, even though she's little, she still had fun helping.

She had ECFE Halloween morning, so the babies all came in costumes. Olivia was a cow. An adorable cow.

For one who tries to rip off all hats and headbands now, she did surprisingly well with ignoring her cow ears. And every time she'd crawl around, her cow tail would sway from side to side and I pretty much died from cuteness overload. I mean, how much more of this squishy-baby adorableness can I possibly handle?

That night, we went to my parents' house to pass out candy and eat pizza. (See above. It's my jam.)

Olivia and her new little cousin were given gift bags of Halloween presents (because Grandma loves a good baby gift). She got Llama Llama Trick or Treat, a sleeper, a little kitty outfit, a stuffed owl and a toy.

(And thank goodness I can use photo collages to photo dump without appearing to photo dump.)

So it was a good "last first" holiday. Did it make me a bit weepy being able to have a baby this year to dress up? Yes. Did it give me a pang of grief remembering the years I spent hating this time of year? The season of kids? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas? Absolutely.

Now we're on to Thanksgiving. I suppose it will be Olivia's "first Thanksgiving dinner" so we can continue the "firsts" for a bit longer. Girl takes after her Mama. She loves to eat. So this will be an event in and of itself.

But first... her first birthday. In about two weeks.

Hold me?

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