The Last Retrieval (I swear)

After that baseline US, things moved pretty quickly.  I started on 150u Menopur every morning, and 300u Follistim every evening.  Two injections a day was a welcoming change compared to the 1st and 2nd IVF where I was doing 5-6 injections a day.

Tuesday's US showed some growth, and that was when we added in the antagonist, called Ganirelix, a daily injection in the stomach area to prevent the follicles from releasing eggs.  At my appointment after the second IVF, my doctor thought that letting the eggs mature more would give them a better chance of fertilization.  He thought maybe my eggs needed to be bigger.

Enter Ganirelix, also known as "OwShitDamnnitThatHurts!"  Seriously, whoever made those needles needs to go back to needle-making school.  One, the needle is much thicker than it needs to be, and two, I get this itchy, red, welty rash from it.  My first night I took it, I put this picture on my Facebook page, and everyone was telling me how the same thing happened to them.  Normally, the needle kind of sinks into my skin.  Maybe initially breaking through my skin hurts, but it then just glides in.  This needle though, the only way I can describe it, is ripping through.  It hurts.. A lot.  I hate this shot.

Luckily, I only had to do it for 5 days.

Thursday's US showed two follicles that were mature on my right side.  There was the potential for 4 more for a total of six.  My left side was producing nothing.  Funny, because last IVF, all the follicles were on my left side.

That evening driving home from work, I kept feeling these twinges of pain on my right side and started worrying I was ovulating.  The next morning, I was having this discharge, the same as when I would ovulate in the past.  So then I am feeling crushed, feeling like my body failed me yet again, because the whole reason for the Ganirelix was to prevent ovulation.  I called the clinic Friday morning and the nurse said that the discharge is probably from increasing estradiol levels, and normal, and the twinges are just because I have a lot going on in my right side.  She said occasionally ovulation can occur, but the Ganirelix shouldn't make that happen.

On Saturday, the one Chris came to, we found out I didn't ovulate (happy dance) and they had found 5 mature, the biggest being a 30mm and the rest 24-28mm.  I don't have the best track record for producing a lot of follicles during IVF, and I never have follicles that big.  So this was a good thing for me.  The nurse said I was responding to the Ganirelix just as I should be.

Chris gave me the HCG trigger shot that night at 10:30pm.  I iced the area on my butt until it was numb, threatened Chris with divorce if he hurt me, and he injected me no problem.  The next day, Mother's Day, he gave me the second trigger shot at 10:30am.

So yesterday, Monday morning, I got up, snapped a terrible family photo:
and we were off to the clinic for our 10:30am retrieval!

We got there at 9:30 and were called back to the room to talk to the nurse, Dr. Casey who was doing the procedure, and the nurse anesthetist.  I changed into my egg-retrieving garb.

Lightening Bolt socks!

Then I kissed Chris goodbye, and went to the IVF suite where I got my IV and my Versed cocktail to make me woozy and giggly.  Then the anesthetist said he was starting the Propofol and I would get warm and go to sleep... and that exactly what happened.

I woke up, and was wheeled to the recovery room to see Chris.

Remember when I said that I only ever post embarrassing pictures of me on the Internet without makeup?

Well, here you go.  Fresh out of la-la land.  You can get the scoop of my recovery in these nice videos below.

More or less, the doctor retrieved 5 eggs.  This is less than the other IVFs, but in the other ones, they had always grabbed immature eggs, and we always wound up with 5-6 mature as it was.  So I am ok with this.

We went home and I slept pretty much all afternoon.  Pain was ok, but every time I would get up to walk, I would have to waddle and hold my stomach.

Now there is nothing left to do, but de-bloat my stomach, take my antibiotic, and wait for the fertilization report Wednesday.  

And there you have it.  My IVF word-dump because I didn't blog during the week. 

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