Hello ICLWers.  Welcome to my blog.  I'm afraid the last two weeks have been very difficult and if this is your first time visiting, it may be pretty disheartening.  My husband and I had our first IVF cycle this last month after three rounds of back-to-back IUIs, and many many months previously of T.I. and Clomid.  Apparently, my body was not responding to the meds like my doctor wanted, but we went ahead with the IVF for insurance reasons.  We ended up retrieving ten eggs, 5 matured, and we were left with one.   He was supposed to be the little strong one. I got my BFP at 8dp3dt.  My first beta was 63, but the second two days later was 56.  It was determined that it was a chemical pregnancy.  And we found out on our 5 year anniversary.  So.  It's been rough.  For both my husband and I.  We are in the process of deciding our next steps. 

But regardless, welcome! I look forward to catching up on some blogs, and finding new ones. :)