#Microblog Mondays: I used to give other people shots, not just me

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Several years ago, I worked seasonally as an RN at a flu shot clinic. It was mostly easy work and probably was my practice for the hundreds of needles I would inevitably inject into myself during IVF treatments.

I always regarded immunizing kids with horrible fear. See, I (mostly) like kids. I hated being the nurse to them. In all honesty, I would make a dreadful pediatric nurse.

I remember one time sitting at my table at a retail site and (I can't make this up) a father leading a group of children that can only be described as a gaggle (yes, a freaking gaggle of children) walked past my table and said to his kids (All seven of them. I counted), "Who wants a flu shot!?" And I kid you not, there was a cacophony of shrieks and wails from the gaggle and the guy just winks at my horrified expression of the sheer horror of having to stab all seven of these children in a crowded store before telling them "OMG JK LOL FOREVER!!!!!"

And then walking away.

I wanted to stab him. With my 3cc influenza needles. Like, what the hell?

And we wonder, WE WONDER!, why kids hate shots. Why they hate going to the doctor. Why they hate nurses. We wonder! It's because we think it's funny to make kids terrified of needles. I can't even tell you how many kids walked past my booth in the three years I did that job and literally shriek in fear when their parent bends downs and says in a sinister voice, "Do you want a shot??" before straightening up and smiling at me like we're sharing some sort of ironic joke as their kid looks at me like I'm Slenderman.  Seriously, so much for my sweet smile to them. They decided right then and there that I was a bad person with needles. And maybe I am a bad person with needles, but we don't need to haunt their nightmares with it.

Poor Olivia is still achingly trusting of the doctors' office, but the day will come when she will understand that going to the doctor means a shot. I hope to handle it vastly different than these parents I experienced. And never will I ever terrify her with the threat of a shot. But slow clap to those parents who do.

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