30 Weeks: The crib is put together. We are still alive.

More importantly, we are still married. Through our life together we have learned there are two things that test our marriage: canning vegetables from the garden and building furniture. It started out a bit uncertain, with my husband lamenting, "Why the hell doesn't this screw fit this hole?" and me flipping through the instructions repeating, "This doesn't make any sense." But, we got it put together  correctly, and now all it's missing is the mattress and the baby.

All in all, the nursery as a whole is starting to slowly come together. It's weird. It started with this room with an unholy amount of crap in it and then it started clearing out and making way for baby things. Our extra clothes in the closet vanished and in place were these tiny baby clothes hanging on little hangers. So weird.

Last Friday, the day I turned 30 weeks, we had our growth scan. It's been 9 weeks since the last one when we found out she was a girl. All I kept thinking while we drove there was how many baby girl clothes I now have in her closet. It's just another thing for me to obsess and think about.  So help me, if I see a penis....

But good news, she's still a girl. But she did decided to curl up into a tight ball and mash her face against her placenta pillow and all in all refuse to cooperate. So we never got a profile, but we still got some cute pictures.

Like this first one. Ladies, we have a real live baby face. 

Get that wand out of my face. I need my sleeps!
Every time I imagine her, it's always without a face. I mean, sure, babies are babies and they all look so similar, but still. I could never picture her. And I still can't. I see her face on here but still can't imagine looking upon her for the first time when she's laid on me and see her for who she really is.

She decided reluctantly to offer a foot for our entertainment.
After drinking orange juice and rolling from side to side and even going so far as to do a little dance in the ultrasound room, she still decided not to move for us.

Everything looked good with her growth. Actually the tech said she was measuring 4 pounds, plus or minus five oz, which would put her at the 80th percentile. So my chunk of a baby obviously isn't having any growth issues.

We also saw that she had hair!

I had an OB appointment with another doctor on Tuesday since my regular OB was out. My BP was initially 122/90 but then went down to 114/74 when we rechecked it. So seems like everything with that is ok. I scheduled all my weekly appointments from 32 weeks on for the non stress testing.

I also turned 30 last Sunday so Chris and I went to the apple orchard with my parents and sister.

It's crazy to think this time next year we'll be toting around a ten month old...

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