20 Weeks: Am I really halfway there??

I can't believe I made it to the halfway mark. Even to me, this is just surreal. I started feeling the baby a lot more strongly a few days ago. It almost feels like a big gulp down in my lower abdomen. Apparently that's where baby likes to hang out. I wonder if she's doing flips?

Check out these pictures!

Monday is our anatomy scan. We will finally find out if she is really a girl... or not...
Since I've been feeling her more, I haven't had to use the doppler much at all, and I am starting to breathe a little easier that we may pass the scan.

Overall, symptom-wise, I've been feeling much better. Week 19 was tiring and I felt like I reverted back to the first trimester a bit, but this week has been smooth sailing... unless you count the dry heaving here and there.

Last Thursday I had some wicked heartburn. Like, RAGING HELLFIRE HEARTBURN that wouldn't go away. So some dear friends (ahem, Celina and Devon) talked me into trying a shot of apple cider vinegar. Apparently it's supposed to help with reflux. Has anyone ever actually tried this? And not in "Oh my friend swears by this!" No, I mean, has any one ever seriously tried this? I want to know.

Let me tell you what happened to me when my husband handed my an ounce of vinegar...


I died. I seriously died. My first swallow was this intense lake of fire. The second I was clamping my hand over my mouth as my stomach violently heaved and tried to barf up this poison I just ingested.


Did my heartburn go away? Well, yes. Yes it did. Did I feel like I swallowed battery acid and lived to tell about it? Yes, yes I did.

Never do this.

It wasn't until after when I was in bed frantically Googling, sure that I had just burned and maimed my baby, that the sites I found sang, "Never ingest undiluted cider vinegar. Always dilute it with 8 oz of water."

Moral of the story. If your friends suggest to you that you should try *this* because they've heard from a *friend* that it *helps* your particular ailment... don't believe them.

Seriously, has anyone ever tried this personally? Not your friends. Not your Whole Foods aunt, I mean, you personally. Were you ever stupid enough Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar shots to get rid of heartburn?

Ok, enough about that. Word of warning to you guys. Our scan is Monday when we will find out the baby's sex. However, I have to wait until the following Saturday to tell ANYONE because that's when we are telling our family. Do you think I can keep this an absolute secret?

Unrelated note: Don't talk to me next week if you know me in real life. Fair warning.

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