My vagina: the revolving door

Fact: 4 people in the last week have seen my vagina. Besides Chris of course.

Fact: I showed my vagina to two separate people in two separate rooms today. First, during my ultrasound and again for the OB doctor. And I get it, for these people it's just another day, another cooch, but for real? I'm starting to get sick of showing off my very public vagina.

I remember back when this used to be like a once a year thing, and now it's a few-times-a-month thing. Back then I didn't even know what a trans-vaginal ultrasound was. How naive I was...

I was prepared for my external US. I drank my 28 oz of water until I thought I was going to hurl, and I came in with a nice rotund bladder. Chris couldn't come to this appointment since it's so far for him, so I tricked asked my friend Miranda if she could pwease come and hold my hand for this US because I don't want to be alone!

The tech put the gel on my stomach and and started looking around the screen with the wand before realizing I have a tilted uterus and she wouldn't be able to continue.

"We're going to have to do an internal exam instead. Do you mind?" she asked, apologetic.

I was ecstatic. "Hell no! Get in mah vagina already!" Cheers for apparent tilted uteruses. Uteri?

Isn't my baby the cutest thing? At 8w5d, HB is 178 (US tech screamed, GIRL!) and baby is now 0.75 inches long, measuring a day behind still. In other words, totally badass.

She pointed out the limb buds (which I failed to really see) and we saw the head bobbing up and down. I think it's definitely becoming more real. Also, placenta is posterior so that means I should feel her earlier and be able to hear the HB through the Doppler earlier. Good news all around!

After that, I had my first OB visit. We went over my (long) med list and my (even longer) fertility history. He did tell me there was a small pocket of blood that he could see in the US and not to be worried if I have some bleeding. He didn't seem worried about it, so I am not either.

One of the things I was really concerned about was being taken off the Lovenox at 12 weeks. My RE didn't seem to concerned about it when I talked to him Tuesday evening, but he did say that whatever my OB thought, he would support it. So I basically pleaded with my OB that I absolutely did not want to be taken off the Lovenox and pretty please can you keep me on it because I am a batshit crazy infertile with the miracle pregnancy and I don't want to lose this baby!

Well he agreed to continue me on it. The only thing now is having the insurance keep covering it. Let's cross our fingers.

The last thing he did was a pelvic exam and if you think that's sexy... you'd be right.

So I think overall it went ok. I am still in the care of my doctor in Houston until 12 weeks, so I will have three more US at my satellite RE clinic and then will go back to my regular OB. I hope he didn't think I was being crazy about the Lovenox. I find it's best not to appear too crazy to the people who are looking at your vagina, you know? Which is kind of difficult, because I'm sure I appeared crazy to both my RE's over the years and everyone seems to be getting a good look at my vagina these days.

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