9 weeks, 4 days: Feeling like death, in all the best ways

Today I am 9 weeks, 4 days. Meaning no more of this embryo bullshit. We now have a real live fetus in there. With fingers and toes and eyes and no more of that creepy little tail. Goodbye tadpole, hello baby! My 10 week US is Friday and my mom is coming with Chris and me. Hopefully we see some baby moving action. And with 10 weeks comes no more estrogen pills and patches!

Symptom-wise, besides for being so completely exhausted that I had to look up how to spell embryo and symptom on Dictionary.com, I'm sick off and on. Usually I'm sick when I can't be, like when I have to be somewhere, or someone is coming over. Normally, the nausea hits mid-morning and it leaves me looking for the nearest sink to hurl into. I've been using vit B suckers and ginger chews, but when the nausea gets really bad, nothing but sleep helps. So I've become a bit of a hermit holed up in the bedroom all day, but a) I don't throw up and b) ... I don't throw up. I hate throwing up. I think it's a phobia, so really, this whole pregnancy thing has been a lot of fun. A huge blessing. But... I hate throwing up.

Speaking of fun, I also didn't realize how bad this whole food aversion/gagging at any and all smells thing could be.

Things I can eat:
Things that make me want to barf:
Yes, no more meat. Chicken, beef.. GAG GAG GAG

I don't know what happened, but somewhere in the 8th week, my sweet little cupcake decided to let out her fangs at any thoughts of meat. I picture her like this:

GAHHH! Feed me!! But don't try to eat meat or I will eat your left ovary! Nom nom nom!

Am now declaring myself vegetarian. Carbs. All carbs, all the time.

Feel free to send me soft pretzels and Tums.

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