10w0d: Did I just die of cuteness?

I think I did.

My local clinic where I have been doing satellite monitoring kicked me out today. I was supposed to be there to 12 weeks before being released from Houston, where I would then go to my regular OB. My former doctor at my clinic asked me on week 8 if I wanted to be monitored at the OB office instead and I told him I preferred to continue going there because a) it's closer for Chris to come to the appointments, b) their US are a way higher quality than the OB and c) I don't want to be released. It's all I've known for three years and I don't want to say goodbye.

Well today he told me that this was going to be my last appointment there, because they were too busy and normally don't do US this long. Ouch. Ok, so I was really disappointed, and now I have to go through the headache of coordinating the last 2 OB ultrasounds at my OB clinic for orders from Houston. It just was so convenient coming to CRM where they worked everything out with Houston and things were run smoothly. It could be very stressful next week trying to get the orders changed over to my OB.

But enough about that.

Here's a baby.

Measuring right on track, 31mm (1.2 inches). They didn't run the heartbeat, but said everything looked great. And you guys. Baby was moving! Squirming all over. She even was caught holding her little hands. I died. I really did. The best part was that my mom came with Chris and me and got to see the whole thing. I can't even put my feelings into words, but it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

Then the tech did a 3D image which I didn't expect and... well look:

I mean. It's a baby. With arms and legs and ear buds... She swiveled the image around 360 degrees and we saw the fingers. I mean, I am just in shock. I don't know what else to say. Except fjioerg;iovn;jrngysuhvur!!!!!!!

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