Beta beta bo beta

Between the comments I received on my Facebook page, and the discussions with several friends, I learned a little more about beta numbers. In that, it isn't as important as I thought. A mom I know had her first beta the same day as mine and hers was a little over 200 carrying twins. Likewise, another mom I was told of consistently has betas in the thousands and she has only ever carried one baby. I think it's more important for the doubling time in 48 hours. Or something like that. I don't know. I never made it past my second beta in the past. So I didn't know what to expect when I received my own call.

It's beta day!!
Yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep. Obviously that's a good sign, but it doesn't make well when you are fostering a one year old Australian Cattle Dog with endless energy. Also, when you are waiting for that call.

And now you're all: shut up bitch and post your beta number GAWD! I know, I know. I'm obnoxious.

Beta #1, 14dp5dt: 564

My reaction to this number?
 They were really happy with this and said they wanted to see it anywhere between 200-300. So GO ME! We won't know how many babies are in there until an ultrasound, possibly next week. Until then, since two embryos were put in, I am going to hold out hope that they both made it.

My progesterone was a little low at 29 and my doctor wanted to see 30 so I am now on yet another pill, adding in an oral progesterone pill twice a day in addition to the PIO shots.

We celebrated by going out to our favorite restaurant and getting burgers.

I ate for three.

Chris also ate for three.

Next beta is Friday morning!

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