A Quickie, and 14dp5dt, baby!

The pee sticks have seemed to come to a standstill. I'm not complaining, because it just means Seaweed and Kelp are digging in deep and ramping up that HCG.

12dp5dt: my line on the FRER is now darker than the control line (read: my embryos are bad-ass).

I had my blood draw this morning for the beta. GAH! In all the history of betas, this is the one I am actually excited about. I want that number. I WANT THAT NUMBER! GIVE IT TO MEH!!!!!

*looks around room in embarrassment and sits down*

Unfortunately, I won't get the call until later in the afternoon and then I plan on telling Chris when he comes home from work.

I'm excited/nervous to share the results, but I am not going to post them until tomorrow so Chris and I can share in the news together tonight. And no, there will be no romanticizing because in the world of IVF, there is no sex until the heartbeat. And no wine. We will make do with gummy bears and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Unless gummy bears and Reese's make me gag.

Pray for a good number! GAH!

Also, if you are friends with me on my personal Facebook page, I would appreciate it if you kept all posts to me related to this blog on my Who Shot Down My Stork? Facebook page. Kthxbai!

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