9dp5dt My neurosis: Let me show you it

So much to report to the Internet! I don't know where to start. So yesterday I put this picture up on my Facebook page.
Allow my to show you my neurosis the last couple of days.

Thursday: 1dp5dt
On my second day of bedrest, I had some low right sided cramping.

Saturday: 3dp5dt
My first day off bedrest, we went walking around Galveston all day. I had a lot more painful cramping across my lower abdomen. This was definitely more than I had for the transfer in October.

Sunday: 4dp5dt
Bloating! Lots of it. I spent the day waddling up and down the beach.

Monday: 5dp5dt
Every time I would laugh, I would get this sharp pain on my lower left side. Still bloated. Ate pizza and garlic bread anyway. Got even more bloated.
I'm probably not even pregnant.
I'm just eating a lot.

Tuesday: 6dp5dt:
Should I test?
What if it's negative?
No. I'm not going to test. It's too early.
Ok, I will take a test. If it's negative, it's ok. It's too early.
No. I'm not going to test.
... ok I'll test.
Holy blue line! I see it! No squinting needed! Cue tears and frantic Internet search of "6dp5dt pregnancy test."
Immediately go out and buy FRER's. See this.
Line! That's a line! Shit, I have a line!
Should I use a digital?
No. It's too early.
Still cramping. Still bloated. Eat more pizza.

Wednesday: 7dp5dt
Feel better about testing. Start doing it obsessively.
Holy pink lines! And they're getting darker! Must try digital!
Feel faint.
I'm totally pregnant.

Thursday: 8dp5dt
OMG! Look at that line!
That progression in just one day!
In two days!

Friday: 9dp5dt
Use last generic test.

Play with pregnancy week predictor pee stick.
Unsure how exactly it works, being that I am technically 4 weeks pregnant today.

Glue down latest mini pee stick to make creepy collage on kitchen table.

Freak out that I am going to have another chemical.
Use last FRER an hour later with diluted urine.
Oh FRER how I've missed you.
Line up pee sticks for more comparisons that only I will care about.
Realize I have a problem.
Am obsessing.
Have too many brands of pee sticks.
Dogs look at me like I'm crazy.
You guys. My beta is still five days away.
I'm pregnant.
Did you hear that???

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