6w0d: "This is my heartbeat song"

I've been terrified again the last few days. Terrified this is all too good to be true, that the baby isn't alive anymore. I was freaking out over the stupidest stuff. Things that I won't even get into on here because, even me, Risa, chronic oversharer on the Internet, has limits.

It took my husband and my very dear friend who can look past my completely awkward questions and rants to calm my nerves.

This morning, I knew I was going to see my baby again.

This time around went much better than last time. I had one of my favorite techs and we had a doctor that we've had before for a prior transfer that is really nice. She stood next to me while the tech readied the screen.

I saw the black hole (aka gestational sac) first. Then I saw the baby right away. Immediately.

And then I saw this little baby had a heartbeat. 111 bpm to be exact. :)

Ok, so I know there isn't much there. But you guys, this, this is a baby. In me.

I saw this tiny little baby pulsing and I knew immediately it was the heartbeat.

"Is that the heartbeat?" I asked the doctor.

"That's the heartbeat," she smiled.

And I did this gaspy laugh thing that caused the entire screen to shake, interrupting the measurements being taken, so I slapped my hand over my mouth. "Sorry!" I squeaked, and the doctor laughed.

"Don't be," she said, "This is a big deal!"

(Make it bigger if you can't see it well. It's tiny!)

4/8/15 Beta #1: 564
Progesterone 29
Estrogen 1403

4/10/15 Beta #1: 1224
Progesterone 67
Estrogen: 1948

4/13/15 Beta #3: 3655
Progesterone: 38
Estrogen: 697

4/17/15 Beta #4: 10,527
Progesterone: 21
Estrogen: 1,204

My progesterone has decided it's going to be the bane of my existence. I mean, my doctor wants to see it at least 30 and it's dipped down to 21. I'm already on 2cc's of PIO at night, and oral Prometrium twice a day. I mean, I don't know what more I can do. The nurse said that at around week 8-9 the placenta takes over and it's not as critical, but right now, it's a concern. She suggested warming the oil up to body temperature and really rubbing it in, but other than that, I am a little worried. Seaweed better hang on tight.

I'm going to be doing US now every week until I hit 12 weeks. Please pray/think good thoughts that when I go back for another US, the progesterone has gone up.

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