So I have a confession to make. Yesterday morning, right before I went to start writing my ZOMG!I'MPREGNANT! post, I had a moment of doubt creep into my head. Remembering the first IVF cycle, when I proudly showed off my pee sticks to the Internet, only to have it all end in cramping and bleeding and a chemical pregnancy.

But, I tried to reason with myself, this time is different. Still, I had this nasty feeling that I was about to make a complete fool of myself by announcing a pregnancy and then have to go back days later and cry that it was another chemical. I think it's normal though. To have these feelings of terror after so much trauma.

So I decided yesterday, that not only am I pregnant, but I am going to assume I am pregnant for the long haul unless otherwise determined. I can live this experience in fear, or I can be overjoyed that these embryos implanted and are growing and today I am 4 weeks, one day pregnant. (It's way more fun to do the latter).

Today is 10 days past transfer.

Here is a pee stick:
Ah. Lovely.
And a one and two-day progression picture:
And take a look at this. I am no pee stick expert, but the second to the bottom stick was from late last night and the very bottom stick was from this morning. It almost seems like an HCG surge... I mean, it's such a drastic difference than the one above them:
So here I am. Still pregnant.

Last night we went out to meet a friend for dinner and we were supposed to go to a Chinese restaurant. So we pull up in the parking lot at the mall and suddenly...


As in, I swear to God, if I have to go in and eat orange chicken I will hurl.

So Chris asks me if I want to go to this bar and grill across the parking lot that we've ate at before that has really good brick oven pizza. I debated that for a moment while pondering the absolute weirdness that is food aversion.

We I decide pizza is less hurl-inducing and go there instead where I pound down almost all of a 12 inch pizza and pretzels and cheese.

Carbs. They make me feelz good.

Later in the night, we were lying in bed and Chris was talking about his video game so natually my mind wanders.


It popped into my head. A big bowl of Doritos.

I could throw up right now just thinking about it.

This morning for breakfast I ate cheese crackers and drank half a cup of coffee. An hour later? Thought I was going to hurl.
Cut up an apple and grab tub of peanut butter. Oooo, this looks good.
Take it to table. Eat two wedges.

You guys. Food disgusts me now. I'm so excited I could pee! Except I can't because I don't have a pregnancy test nearby.

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