Why I Still Feel Hopeful About My 20th Fertility Treatment - a mom.me post

I’ve been through a lot of fertility treatments. I’ve done twelve cycles of Clomid and timed intercourse, three IUIs, three IVFs, and a donor frozen egg transfer. All failures. In the midst of IVFs resulting in negative pregnancy tests, I remember there were several times I wanted to give up, that I thought it just wasn’t going to happen. I remember every crushing disappointment when a cycle wouldn’t work.

Couples going through infertility understand disappointment. At the start of a new cycle, there is this hope they have, that maybe, just maybe, this next cycle will be it. That a pregnancy will finally happen that will result in a baby. Couples remain hopeful through the monitoring appointments, through the daily injections, the mood swings and discussions with the insurance company. Even when every other cycle before this one was negative, there is that hope held out that this one will be different.

Infertility is ultimately a lesson in hope and disappointment, and many of us cycle between the two for months, and in many cases, for years.

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