I Cry Cry Cry For Cryo Reports

Yesterday was 6dp5dt. In non-fertile lingo: 6 days past a 5-day transfer. At 2:00, I was lounging out on the couch with Celina and I said out loud, "I wonder if they are going to call me to see if any of the other embryos made it to freeze?"

At Celina's urging, I decided to call and speak with our favorite nurse at the clinic to see if she could see anything in the system. When she got on the phone, I asked her if she could tell me if any embryos were able to be frozen and she answered, "Yes, I was just going to call you! You had three!"

My eyes widened. "Three?" I said in disbelief and immediately thought I was misunderstanding. Maybe she meant three as in the two in me already and one leftover to freeze. But no.

You guys. Remember in the last post regarding my transfer when our doctor told us we had another blast and a morula, one that was a stage behind?

Well the blast made it to a hatching blast (meaning it's already starting to hatch out of its shell) and the morula caught up to a blast.

And the other 2 that were behind and the doctor didn't even discuss with us? Well, you guys, it became another blast.

For those overwhelmed with all these crazy words... it means in addition to the two beautiful embryos already residing in me (I'm calling them Seaweed and Kelp)*** we also have THREE equally beautiful blasts (one which is already hatching) left to freeze for the future.

Let me repeat that. We have. Three. Embryos. To freeze.

I found this onesie at the mall in Texas. Oh yes I did.
I was hoping we'd have one. Best case scenario was to have two to freeze. I never would have guessed I would have three.

Some of you have been following this blog from the beginning. You know, Risa doesn't do good quality embryos. Risa REALLY doesn't do frozen embryos. I have shit for eggs. I have a hooker of a genetic mutation that kills off my babies I do make.

This is huge. Because you guys, if God forbid this cycle didn't work, Chris and I were facing the end of the road for a baby. But these three frozen embryos change everything. We have another chance, two chances probably. And if this cycle works and we have a baby, or babies, it means we get to come back to Texas in a few years and try for a biological sibling.

Even as I'm typing this, I am in awe. I feel like I am writing about someone else's life.

So right now, I am focusing on Seaweed and Kelp, keeping the faith that if God can bring us this far, to give us FIVE perfect embryos after six years of heartbreak, then He can carry us through to the end.

*** The babies are implanting by the beach! Therefore, beach names that aren't something lame like Coral or Sand are a necessity.

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