Back off my ovaries - a post

If I had to pick what the two most difficult aspects about infertility are, I would tell you that: A) it’s one of the most emotionally challenging things to ever go through, and B) it’s fucking expensive. Like, really expensive. And when you take emotions and add money into it, you can start to see how someone could quickly spiral into enormous amount of debt. Because there’s always that chance. Maybe next time it will work. We have a whole new treatment plan, so let’s try it one more time.

When we first started trying way early on, a lot of people told us we were young, that we still had time. We were told to relax, that it will happen in God’s time. I’d grit my teeth and put on a smile—trying, trying to remember that they were just trying to be supportive. Now, in the last few years of treatments, those comments don’t come anymore. I don’t know whether to be happy that they’ve stopped, or depressed that now I am no longer considered “young,” and that all the relaxing in the world has not yet gotten me pregnant. Now, the comments of, “Have you ever thought about adoption?” are coming up more and more. I get it, so far, it hasn’t been very successful. But hearing that makes me wonder, are people trying to tell me to give it up? To move on?

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