"What I've Been Up To," or "Help Me Make a Decision"

Summers are always busy for us.  Most of our weekends are filled with family outings, weddings, showers, or canning.  The garden is looking great this year, so we have been busy now trying to can the beans and tomatoes.  A few weeks ago we canned 30 jars of cinnamon peach jam.

This past weekend we canned 10 quarts of tomatoes from the first round of tomato picking from the garden.

So we've definitely been keeping busy.

<anyone want any tomatoes?>

I've been diligently writing my blog posts for mom.me's "Conception Diaries" every week, so clearly I have in turn been neglecting this blog.  My ol' reliable Bessie.  I found out writing this week's blog post for the series that I am having a hard time pulling up a Word document and writing a post.  (By the way, if you are looking to read about the journeys of the other two talented contributors, check them out in the link).  I finally logged into my blog, started a new post and wrote the entire thing in here, copying and pasting it later into Word to submit.  Because this is where I am comfortable.  Where I can shed virtual Internet tears, swear like a sailor, and tell you all what is really going on in my head.  So I figure if I write it in here, then put it in Word, I can keep my authenticity writing for mom.me.  Everyone wins. :)

Here is the first post I wrote for the Conception Diaries:

The second post is all about doing what I do best: obsessively thinking out loud about the next steps in our journey.

I've been posting these links up on my Facebook page, but didn't want to forget about my own blog. The latest post here is all about our consult with the fertility clinic in Texas.  Read it.  Tell me what you think.  This decision about what to do is not coming easy.  I could spend the next year trying to come to a decision on what to do next.  I hate it and it makes me crabby.

Next week's post is all about my feelings surrounding the meeting we had this past weekend with the psychologist for the donor egg program at our clinic.  Talk about opening up a can of worms....

On a happier note, though, I just found out we are officially on the wait list for a fresh donor cycle at our clinic!

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