Sock Exchange Update

I received an email from someone who gave me a really good idea for the sock exchange.  If you would like, feel free to take a picture of your socks you received and send it to me at, and I will post the pictures in a future post!

Again, please contact me if you do not hear from your partners.  I know there were two people with bad email addresses, but luckily hooked up the two legitsies to each other.  In hindsight, I probably should have verified the email addresses like I did the blogs.  AND, my lovely friend, Stephanie at The Icing on Our Cake sent me a pair of socks so I wouldn't be sad that I didn't have a partner.  :) I will post a picture of mine with everyone else.  Thanks again, Steph :)  Jenni, from Unconceivably Blessed asked to participate too a few days ago, so I volunteered myself to partner with her.  Now I get two pairs of socks!  (Not that I am, you know, flaunting anything.) 

I was asked if there was a deadline for getting the socks to each other.  I would say get em as soon as you can, people.  Don't make your buddy wait a month, while you slide around your kitchen in your new socks.  It's just rude. So deadline?  How about I plan on posting pictures December 15th?  So get them before then, so you can send a picture!