Sock exchange for all you wonderful bloggers

There has been too much sadness in the blogging world lately.  My heart aches for so many, those who have had failed cycles, miscarriages, family illnesses... It can be too much for many of us to handle. 

Here is what I propose.  Let's come together and do a little card/sock exchange.

Write in the comments if you want to participate, including your blog link.  

In one week, next Saturday night (November 9th), I will randomly assign buddies from the comments list.  Make sure to check the list here to see who you are partnered with.  I will make a tab section on my blog with this same information.

Let's give each other a little encouragement.  (And a cute pair of socks.)

We are an amazing community and I don't know how I would be going through this shit without you guys.

So spread this message around and leave your comments <3

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