Estrogen patches: Y U so unforgiving?

I know I have talked quite a bit on here about being your own advocate, because no one in the clinic likes to help you out.  Or at least in my case.  Take for instance, my estrogen patches.  I understand you are supposed to apply them to your stomach.  But is it like the injections, is anywhere on your stomach acceptable?  I started the patches three days ago, and I remember holding the packages in my hands, looking at the package insert, reading to apply them below the waistline.

Well newsflash, makers of Vivelle: All that is below my waistline is a pudgy fat roll.  So I stuck one to the right and just below my belly button.  The second one I awkwardly stuck on the Pudgy Fat Roll. 

Don't do this.

For the past three days, I have been rubbing, itching, and moving the Pudgy Fat Roll around and about to make it more comfortable.  I will not be putting it there again.  Even my loving husband <for better or worse, in sickness and health, God love him> asked me the other day, "Why would you put it there?"

I am beginning to believe those nurses at the clinic just want you to do their bidding, no questions asked.  Because they always seem to ramble off the instructions and act like it's a huge inconvenience if you have questions.

Nurse: Ok I am going to go over these complex instructions, but when I'm through, I don't want you to ask any questions.

Me: Ok.

Nurse: Here are your complicated instructions.

Me: Ok.

Nurse: Do you have any questions?

Me: Um... no?

Nurse: Good girl.

Today, I had to change out my patches and found a less heinous place to apply them.  Still, would have been nice to have a little instruction in this.

In other news, NaNoWriMo starts today!!  Excerpt coming soon!  I have a widget now on the blog that logs my word count for the day.  Wah hoo!  Bring it on! What am I still doing on Blogger?  I need to get writing!