This is what happens when we allow strangers in our kitchen

Have you guys read this story about banning strangers from touching pregnant bellies?

Am I the only one who thinks this is less of a case of legality or annoyance, and just thinks this is plain creepy?  I mean, if I were pregnant and I had some strange guy in my kitchen come up to me like this :

and put his hands on me, sure I'd sue him.  I'd also pull out my crossbow and go all Daryl Dixon on his ass.  (I know, any excuse to make a Walking Dead reference.)

This seems to be simply a case of assault, which is illegal.  So why is this case getting so much attention?  This seems to be a far cry from the lady grocery shopper who can't keep her hands to herself.  Is she annoying, yes.  Should she be charged with assault?  Not so sure.

I guess the main thing to take away from this story is:  No touching bellies without permission.  Also, don't let creepy men into your kitchen.

You're welcome.

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