How many embryos do we have?

I was lying in bed this morning, when my phone rang.  The embryology lab. was calling. me.

She told me that out of the 8 eggs retrieved, only 2 were mature.  Only one egg fertilized with the ICSI.  He/she is currently 2-cells.



She then went on to say that three more matured since then, so they did ICSI on those yesterday.  They are growing a day behind, but they are still growing.   I will get another report Wednesday and we will possibly do a 5-day transfer on Thursday, or they will wait another day to see how the other three are growing.

We have four.

My four babies.  This is unreal.  I can't believe this is happening.  Chris and I need prayers/ tiki dances/ happy thoughts that these little ones continue to grow.

Holy shit.

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