How can I describe my ovaries?

So it would appear my left ovary is Daryl Dixon with a fucking crossbow.

Bad ass.

Well, for me, at least.  Me and my old eggs.  Monitoring appointment this morning showed 5 mature follicles on the left side and 6 small ones on the right that aren't measurable.

Right side is acting all Lori-like, sitting there all pretty, but not doing shit to contribute to the cause.

Last IVF, I didn't respond as well as they were hoping.  I only had 5 mature eggs total, so Lefty is really acting as the overachiever in this.  I go back again Thursday, but I am thinking retrieval will be happening this weekend!

I didn't forget about giving away my book, Hannah's Hope.

I lied. I did forget to announce the name on time.

It's these medications, see?  Lupron makes me cry, and Menopur and Gonal- F distract me from all things important as they bruise my stomach and make me waddle around. I feel like Barney must have felt standing next to the little skinny girl:

I didn't realize so many of you have read this book.  The winner is: Ann from A Day in the Life of the Foster's.  I am not a total douche-canoe and I have already contacted her, so I can't wait to send her the book.

And so there you have it. Walking Dead references alongside Barney the Dinosaur.  Aren't you glad you stopped by here to read this?

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