Fertiles: 6 Infertiles: 0

There is a story CNN did on this young pastor and his wife who live in Iowa.  They decide they want to adopt and heard about this thing called embryo adoption.  They decided to look into it further.  They learned that when a couple goes through IVF, many times they have leftover embryos that they "don't want to just throw away." So there is this thing where you can adopt those poor little embryos.  They cheered, found a couple in Alaska, filled out the paperwork, and Fed-ex'd their little frozen baybees to them.
They implanted two embryos, since many frozen ones don't survive.  Surprise! Two heartbeats!  No wait... THREE!  One of the embryos split.  They are now pregnant with triplets.

This couple also has three biological children at home.  There were no medical bills, no punctured, scarred stomachs, no fear that there will be no children.

I'm not knocking them.  Really, I'm not.  I'm glad CNN did a story on embryo adoption.  Do I want to roll my eyes and shake my head at the fact that this is clearly a richly fertile pastor's wife?  Ok, so you have three beautiful children who all were conceived in three consecutive romps in the sack, and you want to adopt more.  Awesome.  No one is going to fault you for that.

But this story made me wince when the reporter stated that many couples who go through IVF have "leftover embryos they don't want to just throw away." Down swoops the Man of God and his pretty wife to rescue those little children that we infertiles have abandoned while we play peek-a-boo with our IVF infants.

Also, "implanted?"  You mean, "transferred," right?  Because those embryos don't burrow in tight to the uterus with the help of science.  It's called a Frozen Embryo Transfer.

Also, according to this story, fertile pastor's wives clearly end up with All Of The Baybees when they do an FET.  Meanwhile, we infertiles are hoping and praying that those two frosties we transferred will HOPEFULLY end up with even one.  Because this just reiterates to the general public that fertility treatments make you end up like this:

Really, I'm not knocking them.  All I'm going to say about this story, is that it is just interesting.

That's all.


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