Back in the stirrups

Ladies of the blogosphere! I'm BACK! After an atrocious few weeks at work learning to adjust to be the most senior nurse at my clinic at 7 months, and the internet/cable outage at my house for the past 4 days, I am glad to be back on Blogger. I started hyperventilating when I saw all the blogs I missed reading, and started feeling like a turd, but it looks like y'all suck at reading blogs too, so we're pretty much even.

So there.

Where am I at this cycle?  Well, no period to speak of.  Apparently this miscarriage messed my body up, and now everyone in there is all confused about when they're supposed to start bleeding.  I don't know what this means for when we start up our next cycle for IVF.  Sure would have been nice if my clinic would have shared this bit with me after my miscarriage. 

We are in the process of applying for Attain.  I had to get bloodwork done, including the required AMH, anti-mullerian hormone, for Attain's program, or as I like to call it, "Measuring Risa for old-ass eggs." That's right.  We are conferencing with our doctor August 22nd, but it seems we are taking the approach for the possibility of old-wheezy eggs.  Is this the cause of two of my three embryos being "abnormal?" Of my chemical pregnancy? 

We are also doing ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) with the embryos this time around.  What's that you say? It's a process where the embryologist selects the best sperm out of the sample and injects a single sperm into each egg after the retrieval, rather than dumping eggs and sperm into a petri-dish and turning on some Barry White. 

I know I have seen some crazy things done to my body, so it's a little late for thinking this ICSI is "weird," but it still makes me shake my head in disbelief at the wonders of science.  Eggs not fertilizing the way you want?  Well stand back. We are making this fucking egg fertilize!  Sperm not wanting to swim to the egg properly? Well screw you Mother Nature!  We gonna take a needle and FORCE that mutha-fucka in there!

Isn't baby-making romantic?

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to share their stories on my blog.  I'm finally in the process of going through the posts, and will be starting to post them tomorrow. 

Looking forward to catching up on your lives!

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