I'm pregnant.  That's right.  I'm putting it out there, getting a feel for it.  From now on, until proven otherwise, I'm considering myself pregnant (PUPO). 

PUTPTSO (pregnant until the pregnancy test says otherwise) is much too long.

Two days ago, 6 days after transfer, Blasty was implanting.  I never had any of the so-called implantation spotting, but I did have some mild cramping off and on that day and that was good enough reassurance for me.  A lot of women don't have any symptoms of implantation so I wasn't going to go postal if I didn't experience anything.

Yesterday, something important happened. Ladies of the blogosphere, Facebook followers, lurkers and stalkers....

Blasty graduated.  He is developing the cells that will eventually become the placenta and fetus.  Today, HCG is starting to enter my bloodstream.  He's growing up, you guys.  He needs a new name.  Ideas??

I'm hoping he sticks around.  He is always on my mind.  Always.  I hope he is nestled in there nice and tight.  I hope he doesn't pop out.  I think about these things.  A lot.  I mean, I try to make my uterus as warm and homey as possible.  Couple of throw pillows.  A quilt.  I'm thinking of investigating in a Play Station 4 for him.  Today I am going to bake him some sugar cookies.  Anything to get him to stay.

It's weird being infertile and pregnant.  To see the positive pregnancy tests when most fertiles are still doing keg stands and lounging in hot tubs.  I'm considering myself pregnant going forward.  However, I can't exactly explain that to anyone else who doesn't read this blog, or know my story.  What am I suppose to say?

Stranger: "So when are you going to have children?"

Me: "Oh I'm pregnant."

Stranger: "Oh how wonderful!  How far along are you?"

Me: "Ten days from conception."

Stranger: Blank stare, pondering the possibility of another virgin birth.

See my dilemma?

However, being infertile and pregnant does give you something to entertain yourself with.  It involves peeing.  A lot.  On many things.  Mostly pregnancy tests.

Thanks to my awesome friend Kristin for the Photoshop enhancement!
You bet I peed on all of those.  It's pretty cool seeing those lines.  Seeing proof that my little one is still there.  5dp3dt I tested for the first time and saw an extremely faint line that got me all excited and Chris looking confused.  Later that night, I couldn't see it anymore.  The next day, I saw a line.  I think the HCG trigger shot was on its way out of my system that day, left completely, and Blasty started putting it out.

I hope and pray that that line gets darker as the week goes on.  I look at the 7:15 stick from two days ago, the 7:00am stick from yesterday, and the 7:40am stick from today and it has definitely gotten darker.  My FB group told me to go buy some FRERs (First Response Early Result tests) because the lines should be a lot darker than these Wondfo tests from Amazon. 

Freaking out right now.

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