Maybe some implantation action is happening right now?  At 5 days after transfer, Little Blasty should be making up his garsh-darn mind about where he wants to settle in.


On Wednesday, my husband called me from work and told me a pretty cool story.  K, if you are reading this, this is total paraphrasing.  :)

Earlier in the week he saw that someone he works with, "liked" my Facebook blog page.  Well today, he gets a call from a girl, K, in another department who asks if she can stop by his desk.  So she came down to Chris' cubicle and Chris told her that I was on bed rest from the transfer.  She told him that that was why she wanted to talk to him.  She told him that she has been reading my blog and that she has shared my blog with her friends at work.  She is about 6 months pregnant and said that in her first trimester, she was really sick.  She received a coin from her mom or MIL <I'm going off Chris' memory here> of St. Gerard, the Patron Saint of Motherhood.  Her mom/MIL told her that this was passed around to women who needed it while pregnant.  She told Chris that since she started carrying it on her, her symptoms have gone away and she has carried it throughout her pregnancy.

Get this.  She wanted me to have it.

So here I am on the phone with Chris as I am sipping my smoothie and about to eat my breakfast, listening to this story.   He had emailed her a thank you for the Saint Gerard medallion, and she wrote back saying, "He'll watch over your little one like he did ours."  Immediately the tears start. 

So K if you are reading this, I am humbled beyond words.  Thank you again for this precious gift.

When I started this blog, I always thought it would be neato if people read it.  After all, I made it public for the purpose of sharing my story, for reaching out to others, and maybe getting back a little support.  I never thought in 7 months I would be touching so many.  Even just today, I had no idea how many people were actually reading this.  Another one of Chris' co-workers, J, told him her old friend from college sent her a text message saying she saw my Facebook page pop up on her newsfeed from J, and her friend read my entire blog that night.

Who would have thought?  My little corner of the blogosphere where I vent, swear, and pour out more raw emotions than a 16 year old's diary.  Where you get more TMI stories than a men's locker room.  More sex stories than a frat house.  Ok, enough with the analogies.

It's crazy to think where my blog is traveling.  How many people read my blog without me even knowing?

Hope my American peeps had a good 4th!  I was in Stillwater with my hubs and parents for the day, shopping, eating and sitting by the river.  Then my parents, sister, her two kids she nannies for, and our pretty-much BIL, went to go see fireworks.  I hope I didn't overdo it, because I am really tired today.   After all, I'm hauling around all these extra cells and all.

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