Hola friends!

I am off bed rest, have showered (you're welcome) and am spending my time relaxing and trying desperately to sustain life inside me. These things tend to conflict at times.  Today, 3 days post-3-day transfer, my little blastocyst is hopefully hatching out of its little shell.

Bed rest got boring quickly.  The first day of transfer, I had a lot of phone calls and texts and a visit from the bestie, my friend of 17 years, Mel.  I got a little care package from her.  Actually let me take a moment to brag.  Please tell me you still love me after my conceitedness.

My Mel got me this great little bag of goodies, complete with pink monkey and an owl lip gloss:

My dear friend Meagan, who has been one of my greatest supports through this, gave me this little care package before my retrieval, complete with "Baby Ruth" bars and "baby dust."

And finally, my fabulous Facebook group made up of some pretty amazing women, in all chapters of infertility, had a little gift exchange.  My partner sent me this package the day after transfer:

So... I'm kind of a big deal. 

End bragging.

Anywho, the second day of bed rest was spent watching movies, reading, eating.  Gah.  Yesterday, I ended my official bed rest at noon, and took it easy the rest of the day.  I wasn't strictly laying down all the time.  The second morning, I Googled "bed rest after embryo transfer" and all these links came up saying that it was an old-wives tale, unnecessary, and a crock.  Damn.  I think the point is to relax.  So relax I did, occasionally sitting up and walking around at times.  I'm like that. 

My bulk package of pregnancy tests from Amazon are scheduled to arrive Friday, the 5th.  Invaluable infertile tip #29: Buy tests in bulk.  Seriously.  I can buy a three pack of pregnancy tests at Target for like $16.00.  I bought a pack of 50 tests strips from Amazon for $18.00.  Boo-yah.

It's too early right now to start testing.  The embryo, or Little Blasty, as I like to fondly call him, is still hopefully scoping out some prime real-estate, but should be starting to attach himself to my uterus by tomorrow.  Hopefully.

I had some bomb-ass BLTs last night, so hopefully he will decide to stick around a bit longer.

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