Would someone pinch me, please?

Holy bloating.  Things are getting a bit wild and crazy in those ovaries.  Saturday we went to our u/s and found out there were 4 measurable follicles (over 11mm).  One on the right and three on the left.  Which makes sense being that my left side has been motherofgodmakeitstop! painful.

Today we went in again and found out there are four mature follicles and three that are almost there.  So hopefully tomorrow's u's will show 7 mature ones.  I know it's not the quantity, that the quality of the eggs are what's important.

So I'm happy with what we have so far.  I'm just really. really. bloated.  Moving around is getting to be a bit difficult.  Last night Chris wanted to go on a walk, so I pulled my hair back, tied my shoes and proceeded to walk waddle around the neighborhood for an hour.

It may have been too much.  I was panting and out of breath and my rotundness was hurting by the time we got home. 

Tonight I am even more bloated.  It's good practice I guess, looking 4 months pregnant.

They are now estimating the retrieval to be this Friday. Possibly Thursday, but more likely Friday.  The end is in sight.  It's really happening.  I could be "pregnant" by the 4th of July.  It blows my mind that this could be it for us.  That the back bedroom that we use to house our storage could soon be cleared out to make room for a crib(s), rocker, dresser...

If they let us, and if there are enough good embryos to transfer, we are putting in two.  I think if we put in one, and it didn't work, we would regret it.  I know two embryos brings problems too.  But we are at that point that twins would be a joyous welcome. 

I want to meet this child, these little children so very badly.

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