When life gives you lemons...

Today's u/s showed 5 mature follicles and one that was close.  The nurse told us that we could do the retrieval definitely Thursday or Friday.  She said we would receive a call at 3:30 today with what Dr. K. recommended after looking at my estrogen level.

I got a call from Dr. K. when I was at work this afternoon.  He told me he wants me to do the HCG trigger tonight.  He says he likes to see at least 6 mature eggs for a retrieval... I have 5 with one that is close to mature, at 14mm.  They like to see 4-6 fertilized embryos.  My body is not responding to the stims condsidering my age, and with my ovulation dysfunction, this cycle is not what he would like to see.  He said my estrogen level was 816 which isn't too bad, considering I have low estrogen in general.

He spoke about doing an insemination and I started getting really confused, because I couldn't tell if he meant we would convert this cycle to an insemination if we waited a day, but basically he was saying that if we did the retrieval, it would be with less eggs than he would like.

He thought that either we could do the retrieval, or convert it to an IUI with the eggs I have, and then change up the protocol for next cycle and get more eggs.  IUI is much cheaper than IVF and it would be a better use with our money. 

I told him that because of our insurance, which you can fondly refresh your memories about here and here, we are getting one cycle. One. Whether it's an IUI, or an IVF.  One.  He then said, "Well than I think that makes the decision pretty easy then." He said the deciding factor comes down to money.  He didn't want us to pay for IVF when we could pay for an IUI and restart again the next cycle.  But if our insurance was only paying for one more... that makes the decision for us.

So we are going ahead with the retrieval.  With five follicles.  I trigger tonight, Chris will give it.  My retrieval is Thursday at 9:30 am, arriving at the clinic at 8:30.  I don't know how many, if any will fertilize. 

I was so excited after this morning's u/s, and now...

I'm trying to think happy thoughts.  It just takes one.  But I thought I would have more.  I am glad Dr. K. called me, but now there is a lot of doubt.  I'm feeling sort of deflated.  Please.  Give me your success stories.  Let me know that five follicles is ok.  That people go on to get pregnant with five.  Just let me know that there is still a chance. 

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