The Retrieval

First of all, I am so appreciative of all the success stories you all have shared.  You have no idea how relieved I was feeling with each and every story.  So thank you.  I'm feeling better.  More optimistic.

9:30pm on Tuesday I let my husband give me an injection in the booty with a very big needle.  I'm glad to say it turned out ok.  I used lots of ice to numb the spot that my fabulous co-worker drew a circle around that afternoon.  Besides from him injecting the stuff so..incredibly..slow.. He did well.

This morning, I woke up, brushed my hair and teeth, slipped on some comfy clothes, and we were off to the clinic!

 I was told not to use any scented lotions, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.  No nail polish or jewelry.  Apparently the eggies don't like it. I also couldn't eat or drink anything since midnight the night before.

I was so nervous!  We had some bad traffic so it took us about an hour to get there.  While we were in the car, Chris took my hand.

"I haven't been this nervous since our wedding day," he said, "I have butterflies in my stomach."


Sitting in the waiting room, I was reminded of when I first started going to my appointments at CRM.  I would watch the nurse come out in surgical scrubs and call the couple's names and the two patients would stand up and walk with her into the IVF surgical suites.  I always thought to myself, is that going to be me someday?

It was surreal, walking back with the nurse to the pre-op room.  She asked a lot of questions about my medical history, explained my discharge instructions, and told me what was going to happen.  She let me get into my get-up while she got the doctor and the anesthesiologist.

I wore my lucky socks that I got from a blogger friend via a sock exchange.

Dr. C came in and explained the procedure. He was really nice.  I asked him if five eggs was ok.  He said the same thing my doctor said, that right now, they are going for quality over quantity.

The anesthesiologist came next and asked me the medical history questions again.  Then Chris went to the lab to do his part, and I was led back to the surgical suite where I laid on the table and was covered with a warm blanket.  She put oxygen on me, and started an IV (my first ever) and asked where I worked. While I was talking to her, another nurse came in and asked me if I had ever started an IV before.  I was staring up at the ceiling, wondering when I was going to fall asleep....

And suddenly I was being wheeled into the recovery room and Chris was there waiting.  Wow I was so out of it!  No pain, which I was happy with.  I still had the IV running and my blood pressure was being monitored.  Chris told me Dr. C. retrieved ten eggs!

Feeling pretty good despite my eggs being ripped from my  body.
 To conclude, here is an extremely embarrassing albeit hilarious video Chris took.  He is explaining to me that they retrieved ten eggs and I... am happy about it.  Note the awkward question I asked him.

So now I have just been resting.  I ate a bagel and cream cheese from Panera to test my stomach from the anesthesia.  Ok I lied, I ate two.  I've been doing ok.  My ovaries are a little angry, but the Tylenol helps for the most part.  I'm just tired and bloated.  I have been slowly waddling walking around and napping.

Saturday the embryologist will be calling and letting us know how many eggs survived and how many are growing.  It's a weird feeling.  My babies could be starting to grow right now.

My babies.  What a strange thing to say out loud. <3

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