My first it-looks-worse-than-it-feels war scar

So... Today this happened.

Lupron:  1
Risa:      0

I think I panicked again right before my injection and messed up my mojo and actually squeed a little out loud as the needle went in.  Obviously I didn't do something right.

Also today I had my first 'roid rage at work.  Where I got so mad after a phone call that I teared up and then ranted and raved by myself in my office, which brought on a massive Lupron-induced headache.

Lupron:  3
Risa:      0

I finished that off by eating three tacos for lunch to get rid of my nausea.

Lupron:  4
Risa:      1

(We each got a point for that round.)

Chris admired my bruise and then told me he would give me my injection tomorrow.  Something about that he could run circles around my attempts at injections...

Lupron:   5
Risa:       1

Well-played Lupron, well played.

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