Happy Father's Day! Just in time to start growing some eggs!

My day-10 Lupron u/s went well yesterday. Having Dildi, the dildo cam nestled in my vag sure felt like home. (....)

I brought my shot schedule with me to show the nurse, because I was still confused at my new Lupron instructions. My instructions were to reduce my Lupron down to .025 units.  I use insulin needles for Lupron because it's dosed in units, not milliliters.

Each of those lines is one unit.  I was told to take not even a fourth of the first line down. How was I supposed to accurately measure that?  And poking myself for that amount of medication just doesn't seem worth it...

So I asked the nurse to show me on the syringe and she takes it and measures down to 2.5 units.

"See?" She shows me, probably thinking, What a stupid little nurse you are!

I take it back and study it.  "So it's supposed to be 2.5 units? Because the other nurse wrote .025."

She looks at the book.  "Well yeah, it's written kind of goofy.  It should say .25."

Me, blankly staring.  "Well if it's .25 units then that still means it's not even one line down," I say, showing her the syringe.

"No," she says, cheerfully, "It's 2.5. See?"  She moves the plunger down.

Awkward pause.  "Oh ok thanks."

After she left the room, I turned to Chris.  "What the hell," I tell him, "2.5 units is drastically different than .25 or .025."

Chris said, "I think she thought the instructions were in mL and not units."  Seriously?  So if I didn't ask, I would be giving myself not even one unit, when I should be doing 2.5.  It's ridiculous what they just "expect" you to know.  This is why, more than any other disease, you must be your own advocate.  Watch YouTube, read forums and websites, ask a million questions. Because if you don't, no one will pay you any mind.

My ovaries are nice and quiet, my uterine lining looks "nice and thin" as my favorite u/s tech told me yesterday.  It's amazing the comments you grow to appreciate when you frequent the infertility clinic.

That meant it is time to start stimming!  I woke up and started gathering my supplies to bring out to the kitchen table.  Chris started his antibiotic this morning. I may have (un)intentionally threw his pill bottle a little too hard at him when I walked into the room with my armload of vials and syringes.

 This injection is one that is supposed to be reconstituted.  I take this little plastic cap thing (pictured on the left) and put it on the vial of saline.  The I take my syringe, twist the needle off, and screw it on to the plastic cap. I draw up .7-1 mL of saline.  Then I take off the syringe, making sure the tip doesn't touch anything, take off the cap, put it on the first Menopur vial, inject the saline in, mix it, draw it back up and repeat the process with the second vial of Menopur.  It took a ridiculously long time.  I know I will get a little faster with it, but seriously.

And that's my morning Menopur injection, or as I like to call it, the Holy gawd, get it out, please god get it out! injection.

I was warned that it burns, but was told (not by the nurse, or course) but by my lovely IF ladies.  It helps to go slower, but I think it's just:




"Oh my gosh this burns!"




And this was the aftermath, of both Lupron (who isn't looking too gosh-darn bad now after its cousin, Menny the Menopur from Hell takes a whop at me. 

See?  While everyone has these great Father's Day posts, I am taking pictures to show you my injections.  You're welcome.

No really, we had a nice Father's Day.  I put an ode to Daddy up on Facebook, and how my husband is a father at heart, and had him read it, and he got teary-eyed, and I'm on Lupron, so of course I cried.

Hey, we may just be celebrating Father's Day again in about a month....

In other news, we found some early peppers from the garden. We decided to cut them because we want the plants to grow more before they start producing too much fruit.

Also, we found some random asparagus out there, which we thought we mowed down and destroyed, but these hardy suckers decided they wanted to make an appearance.

We also have chicken eggs, which our new neighbors gave us.  We now have a deal to barter peppers for chicken eggs.

And tonight, I get to do this:

Not to fear.

I have absolutely no idea how this works.  The fun just never ends around here.

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