Fun With Drug Paraphernalia!


It. Has. Arrived.

Ye giant ass box of drugs.

Yes, we have Menopur, Gonal-F, sharps container, Lupron.
And HCG, doxycycline, alcohol swabs, Estrace, and Valium.

This is starting to sound like The Periodic Table Song. (No really, click on this. Scroll down and listen to the song. I for one, have been thoroughly entertained by this, and it is now my new goal to learn the words to the entire song.)

I digress.

Chris found his one and only medication right away: A little bottle of 20 tablets of doxycycline. Loser.

Me? I had... all the rest.

Toby did a stellar photobomb.
Look at it all. By golly, look at it.

My IM shot.  That needle is seriously creeping me out. I don't care that I am a nurse. I've seen IM injections. It doesn't mean I am jazzed about having my husband stick this into my skin.

See what I mean? He can't wait to get me back for all those times I yelled at him when I was on Clomid.

It's quite overwhelming. I mean, everything is in there. So many syringes. So very many syringes. 

My paraphernalia has nestled very nicely into our bedroom. Because nothing screams romance quite like the sight of two-inch needles and vaginal suppositories staring you in the face while you're lying in bed.

There you have it. I'm glad it got here today, so I can have a day in between. Or, I will just successfully psych myself out waiting to give my first injection Thursday morning.

Also, I had another s'more tonight.

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