Where has all the money gone? Oh yes, it went to making a baby...


Well, I didn't see myself ever having to go through this.  But, having said that...

I've never seen this movie.

I'm lying.  I have.

The IVF coordinator finally got a hold of me.  I emailed her early Friday and she emailed back and said she had been out sick.  Not sure why the receptionists didn't share that with me when I was explaining my situation to them.  I am all scheduled for my saline sonogram and Trial Transfer ( I capitalized it to make it more important) for June 3rd.  May 20th is my nurse consultation.  That's where I will get all my prescriptions, go over the medications, and have the process explained to me.

It's also when we will Pay All The Money.

So CRM, which is my clinic, also has ART (Advanced Reproductive Technologies) which is the IVF part of the clinic.  It's like CRM's badass big brother.  It also is out-of-network.  It's CRM's badass big brother who charges an ungodly fee for admittance into his special club. 

We have to pay for the cycle up front, at this nurse consult and then after the transfer we will send in the forms for the reimbursement.  So with the retrieval and transfer and embryo freezing, we will owe about $8,500 up front.  That baby is going on a credit card.  After we are reimbursed, we would have paid around $4,000 out of pocket.  It could be worse.  There are so many who don't have any insurance coverage. 

My medications are still covered under a different fertility plan, and my ultrasounds and office visits will still be billed under insurance, so those have the usual co-pays.

Right now I just wait for my period to come and then I will call the clinic for instructions of when to start the birth control pills and antibiotic.  Then it will be here before I know it!  (If I don't go broke in the meantime).

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