Want a baby? First you have to inject yourself with numerous needles.

I have a schedule.

A baby-making schedule.

 Yes, my friends, THIS is a baby-making  schedule.  Not very romantic, doesn't include a whole lot of sex (in fact, there is actually a stoppage of the said sex on a certain date), and there are a shit-ton of needles involved, but this has shown to be the best method of Chris and Risa Grow a Baby. 
It's a bit overwhelming.  I tried to skim the pages and see if I could find where any copious amounts of alcohol was involved, but it looks like they frown upon that kind of stuff.  Sure as hell might make these schedules look a little more clear with some Jeremiah Weed enhancing my brain power.

I'm getting off topic.  We met with the nurse today for our consultation so we could learn about the meds, the procedures and, of course, the schedule.  The next step is the saline sonogram and trial transfer June 3rd.  I then start my Lupron injections June 6th, every morning for about three weeks.  I will then go in for my Day 10 Lupron U/S and start my stims injections on June 16th.  Menopur in the morning with the Lupron, and Follistim in the evening.  Three shots a day.  Hold me and never let me go.  Chris gets to start his antibiotic the same day I start my stim meds.  Pill form, because he's a pussy. 

After two weeks of those, I am doing an HCG trigger.  I got giddy when the nurse turned to this page, because I know how to do the Ovidrel injection.  But of course she crosses that off and checks the HCG shot that has to be injected intramuscular.  Because... of course.
So this basically means that the guy who laughs hysterically at South Park will be jabbing me in the ass with a two inch needle, blindly dodging major nerves and blood vessels.  Because... of course.

I'm not complaining.  I vowed to go through hell and back for my baby and I will do it with a grimace smile on my face.  It's just one IM shot.  We can do it.

After a lightening quick instruction on the Lupron, Menopur reconstitution, and Follistim pen/cartridge lesson that left my head spinning, we signed the consent forms.

Forms dictating what we want done with the frozen embryos if I die, he dies, we both die, divorce, stop treatments, store them for over 10 years, or reach the age of 50 GASP! A lot to think about.

Basically, for the majority of the situations, we could chose to destroy the embryos, donate them to research, or donate to an Embryo Donation Program.  We chose most of them to be donated to the Donation Program.  That is a whole separate issue that our clinic doesn't do, so we have to work with a different company for that.

After that, we met with the IVF Financial Coordinator to give our pre-payment.  Toby was a little shocked when I explained to him where I was this morning.
You're paying HOW much for a hairless puppy??
And $7,567.00 later, we were done.  U/S are all scheduled except for if I need additional ones before my retrieval.

In the meantime, I am taking my antibiotic and birth control pills like a good little girl.  (Maniacal background laughter) I'm on the 4th day of them, and it's been hard to remember to take them.  I know it seems like a little backward thinking, but they are used to suppress everything going on in my ovaries.

I'm ready for all this.  I just want to start the injections and git on wit it!


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