I can check IUIs off the Infertile To-Do List

It's that time again!  In which I tell the world that I am trying to create life with nothing but a catheter, some sperm, and a nurse with steady hands.  We had a great count the first IUI yesterday, with 145 million after the wash and 86% motility.  My husband is so hot.

I know I have no pictures.  I know right, what a horrible, private snoot.  Truth is, it wasn't very fun.  I don't take pictures well while I am writhing on the table.   I even had my bladder bulgy so that it would make the catheter easier to maneuver.  Poo on that.  It didn't make a difference.  It hurt.  ZOMG! It hurt!

Nurse: "Ok now, just relax (while I shove this pointy, jagged knife up you)."

Me: "Ow..."

Nurse: "Stop rolling into the fetal position."

Me: "I don't think it's hurt this bad before."

Nurse: "Deep breaths. (This jagged pointy thing isn't going in right. I am just going to push a little harder and twist it around a little bit.)"

Me: Breaking Chris's hand.

Nurse: "Almost done!"

Another successful IUI.

Every time I have this, I have to lay on the table for ten minutes afterward.  Every time the nurse forgets to put the sheet back down over my legs.  By all means, I love leaving my lady bits exposed.  Having Chris be the one to actually cover me up himself (after the nurse has already left and it's just the two of us in the room) seems a little backward thinking, but what are you going to do?   Anyway, those ten minutes were painful.  I don't know what it was about this time, but I had these sharp shooting crampy pinchy pains the whole time.  Ugh.  I hate doing these.

The nurse told me she was optimistic this cycle.  Good, because I'm glad someone is.  She said I had great follicles and a great count.

I made it through the rest of my day and spent the rest of the evening on the couch.  Like this:

Chris got home from class and said, because of his frustrating day at work that he is going to have a beer.  He offered me a wine cooler.  "Maybe it'll be the secret sauce?" he says.

You know what?  I did.  I had a wine cooler.  It was great.  Maybe this cycle I can get pregnant from a night of drinking like everyone else, GAWD!

Today's IUI went better than the first.  What are our numbers?  Ready for this one?

242 million.  ***CORRECTION: 282 million***

That's a lot of sperm.

They are dying off by the millions as I write this, but I am going to be positive this cycle.  It only takes one.  I am feeling strangely optimistic.  We had a great cycle.  Above all else, we had a fighting chance this month.  No cancelled IUIs, three great follicles, great sperm count (Chris is especially giddy over this one).  There is no reason why this shouldn't work this cycle, right?

Chris wanted to put it out there that the count was actually 282 million, not 242 million.  

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