Hello, March ICLWers!

I can't believe ICLW is here already again.  This month has flown by way too fast.  I am madly reading The Kitchen House for Teresa's book club.  What a great book! 

For those of you here for the first time, welcome to my little space of the blogosphere.  I don't get a lot of intelligent thoughts on here, mostly because I am usually found complaining about my itchy vaj from my progesterone, or negative pregnancy tests.  I have been going at this for dang near close to four years now.  (Seriously, I should at least get a button or something for my infertility anniversary).
Or maybe this T-shirt:
Actually, that would look great on my husband.  I can see it now: wearing it proudly, chest puffed out while his wife is sobbing and trying to scratch his eyes out.  Clomid, ladies.  Who needs mind-altering drugs when Clomid costs me ten dollars at the pharmacy? 

I digress.

So, four years of trying to create life in futility.  I have just completed my third IUI (this is getting ridiculous, oh Goddess of Fertility) and am in the Two.Week.Wait.

It's not going so hot this month.  Have you ever been working out at the gym, minding your own business and something whacks into your throat so hard it knocks you to the ground?  Except that that something is heartburn/ indigestion/ oh for the love make it stop! and instead of landing on the ground, your mouth starts watering so bad that you feel like if you take a deep breath you'll vomit?  And try running with a heart rate monitor strapped under your boobies, squeezing the be-jebus out of your esophagus.

Aren't you glad you came on over here?

Really, it's been brutal.  I don't remember when I've had heartburn this bad.  I burp.  All the time.  I'm constipated.  I thought we were done with that when I stubbornly refused to give up my coffee.  My salt intake has been drastically reduced... but I am as bloated lately as I am when I am on Clomid at the start of my cycle.  It's not fun.  In fact, as I type this, I want nothing more than to upchuck my diet food because that might make this heartburn go away.  Gross.

Vaj?  Itchy.  I'm hanging in there with that.  I am told to stop the progesterone suppositories if I get another infection.  It's close, man.  Like that asteroid that almost hit us?
Yeah.  That close.  And I still have five more days until my beta.  Think alkalitic, people.  If that's even a word...

Make it a great day, Bloggers.

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