CD 10 U/S for IUI #3

This is how you know you and your husband are on the same page with this Infertility Crap.  You can hold this conversation over text message and your husband needs no decoder ring to understand IF lingo.  Better yet, he praises your ovaries for producing stellar follicles.

That's right. Three mature follicles!  Even the nurse was happy. 

Nurse: "Well your follicles are looking good!"

Me: "Thanks, it was a lot of work, a lot of sleepless nights, but I took one for the team."

Nurse: "I wish my ovaries were as awesome as yours."

Me: "Not everyone can be this awesome."

Nurse: "Promise you will remember me when you are holding All Of The Babies?"

Me: "I make no promises."

Trigger is tonight.  Once again, I will juggle triggering with Real Life.  I am having dinner with a friend tonight.  I hope Olive Garden forgives this indiscretion of me shooting up in their bathroom.

IUIs are set to be scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:30 each time.  Positive thoughts, tribal baby dancing, and prayers that egg(s) meet sperm appreciated.

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