Some really important updates.

Well kidlings.  While I would like to come up with an awe-inspiring post... I have been knee-deep in the shit I call homework.  Seriously I die a little inside knowing I am only able to pick and choose blogs to read right now, when I used to read many.  55 days left of my Bachelors program.  Ugh.  The end is in sight.  Just beyond those four papers and yonder.

Remember how I said in this post how I was fat? Ok, well I still haven't really done anything about it except whine and spent an inordinate amounts of time staring at myself in the mirror in sheer horror.  Oh, and eat Girl Scout cookies. 

Now, I have decided to do something about it.  I have joined Nutrisystem.  I did it a few years ago and lost about 20 pounds.  I'm doing it again in hopes of losing some weight before my sister's wedding.  My first batch has just shipped out, so I am excited.  So ready to get going on this stupid weight loss.

My beta has been officially scheduled for Thursday.  THAT has been a whole lot of fun, let me tell you.  No, seriously I'm going to tell you because this shit. pisses. me. off.

This morning I called my Women's Health Clinic to ask if they received the beta order that CRM had faxed them a week and a half ago.  Just like the first month, they hadn't.  Of course not.  Pop on over to this post to refresh your memory of this stellar customer service experience I had with the women's clinic.  So I had CRM fax over the beta order again, but it may take 1-2 days for the order to get scanned in to the computer.  I finally called CRM and scheduled a 7:30 beta on Thursday just in case the order goes missing again.  Seriously.  I try to make it easier on myself by getting the order sent over to my clinic by my house, but it seems easier to drive an hour in morning rush hour, get my blood drawn, and drive ALLL the way back into work.  And that's sad.

Little update on my ehem, lady bits.  We are doing much better.  I like this oral progesterone much better, except for these gnarly dizzy spells that come on about 20 minutes after taking the pill.  Every. Single. Time.  And heartburn.  So bad it makes my mouth water.  But at least I'm not scratching my naughty region out, right?  Give and take.

Pregnancy symptoms?  None.  And I am not analyzing any either.  Although I am tempted to cheat and pee on a stick Wednesday night.  I don't know.  I don't feel pregnant. 

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