This one is for my bleeps (blogging peeps) out there who are, or have taken Prometrium orally during the 2WW. 

Just learned that the horriblemakeitstop! itching is now indeed, a raging yeast infection.  I am taking progesterone suppositories, so I called the clinic tonight and my doctor called me back (First time since initially meeting with him.  I guess I should have asked how his family was doing before diving right into my itching naughty bits.)

So I am to stop the p4 suppositories tonight, start Monostat, and tomorrow he is going to call in a prescription for Prometrium 200 mg oral to take twice a day until the beta. 

Have you guys taken this?  I'm just a little nervous because I know oral progesterone can be less effective than the supp or shots.  Have you had icky side effects that are different than the suppositories?

Answers appreciated! <3