Make It Count

IUI #2 today!

The official sperm count was 40 million.  Not bad considering there was baby-dancing the previous two days.

Crossing my fingers last time didn't work.  Maybe praying for baby dust will!

Chris can barely contain his excitement.

We got busted red-handed by the nurse, who was doing the procedure, walking into the room.  She asked what I was giggling about and I told her I was taking pictures for my blog.

"Ah," she said, "You're not planning on taking any more are you?"

I know she was kidding, but seriously, I talk about my lady business, not take pictures of it.  That would be going way too far.  Besides, Chris is a terrible photographer.

She said that some couples want to video tape the procedure for their video blogs.  I'm not sure why, because it really just appears like your mill-of-the-run Pap.  Google it, if you want to see what happens.  I'll wait.

You watched it didn't you?  Ok back to me.

Anyway, the nurse ended up having trouble passing the catheter through my cervix because my bladder was empty.  I was even thinking about that last night, that it might help to have a more full bladder, but of course I peed when I got there.  I have fears of peeing on the table when they put the speculum in, because it pushes on my bladder.  I can never win.

Chris had to end up pushing down on my abdomen to help the nurse get the catheter through.   I suddenly remembered calling him an "ass" a few days ago and telling him he can't do anything right.  Ow.

Ow. Ow. Ow.  It felt like the nurse was taking a little needle and stabbing me in the lady parts over.and over.and over.

So totally not cool with this.  Also, my boobs look huge in that scrub top.
 Afterward, I felt stuff leaking out when she pulled the speculum out.  I asked the nurse if any of the "sample," or as I like to call it, The Syringeful of Chris' Love, would leak out.  "Nope, " she said, and then explained something about some fluid in the syringe, and it being there for the purpose of???? I don't remember.  It's amazing how distracted you can get lying on a table, with your pants off,  trying not to sneeze.

My manager let me have the rest of the day off.  I am now laying down, catching up on Grey's Anatomy and trying to create life inside me.  Baby tribal dancing tonight at 7:00.  Bring tikis.  And Oreos.  Man, I'm craving Oreos.  I hope this one IUI is enough.

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