ICLW is here! And I'm a dick for not giving up caffeine! And shout-outs!

Welcome bloggers to ICLW! Finally, I get around to my posting.  This is my second one and I love it!  Not to say things don't get a little dicey when I am working four days a week, going to class, writing papers, and taking care of spending time with my husband.  I just finally caught up on my commenting and I appreciate everyone coming over to my little part of the blogosphere and saying hi.  You can read about my TTC journey and timeline in the blogger tabs.  Take a peek around.  I love meeting new people :)

I am currently 9dpIUI, so I am in the 2WW.  That's right.  That time where even the strongest women become piles of useless neuroticism, which mainly come in forms such as over-analyzing every cramp, boob-soreness, and contents in our lady-panties.  We spend a lot of time urinating on sticks, and eating copious amounts of Ben and Jerry's.  The 2WW.

ousoonerchick at One Day at a Time is in her 2WW with me and wrote this post.  I have been drinking coffee still in the morning, although it is half-decaf/half regular.  I'm sorry.  I know caffeine is the devil during fertility treatments, but when I cut it out two months ago, I was in a constant state of backed-up plumbing and I was. so. crabby. Guess what?  I still didn't get pregnant.  So thanks, ousoonerchick, for not making me feel like a total douche-canoe for having some caffeine in the mornings.  Shout out to you!

Also, my other blogging friend, Teresa at Where The Bleep Is Our Stork? has this awesome giveaway she is doing so go there and show some love ;)

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