CD 10 u/s

Today's u/s showed two follicles in the left ovary and two in the right ovary.  Two 17mm ones, a 15mm and an 11mm.

I had a great U/S tech and nurse.  The tech actually explained what she was seeing on the screen to me, rather than just let me ride the dildo cam in the dark.  And the nurse seemed a lot more personable than the others.  She even turned her chair toward Chris and asked if he had any questions.  What was that about??  She wants us to come back tomorrow morning and see if those follicles grew a bit more and also because my since my lining was a 6 and they want it to be over 7.  So bad news is I have to come in late again to work, but the good news is hopefully I will be able to trigger tomorrow night, with IUIs Friday and Saturday.

So overall, I am happy with my well-balanced ovaries.  Hopefully we can release eggies from both sides, which increases our chances.  She also said that if this cycle doesn't work out, that we can schedule an appointment with Dr. Kuneck to go over our next steps.

The bloating has been there today, but it wasn't like it was Sunday night.  This is a bloating that exists in kind of a constant state when I am on the Clomid.  Always there, but not so bad.  And I am having my mood swings.  They are better than they were during the 2WW where I was convinced I had pg symptoms.  Ugh.  But it's not so bad.

Not a whole lot to complain about today.

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