All about insurance and weight loss

Chris and I were talking the other day about our insurance coverage for all of this.  He told me he had called the insurance company and told me that we have a $150 deductible for procedures, but our last IUIs were $138 each out of pocket.  They were billed at $280, but because we go to an in-network provider, insurance agreed to accept $138.  I seriously thought IUIs can cost between $400 and like $1200.  I read it on the Internet somewhere.  I guess I'm not supposed to read everything as the truth on the Internet?  So, this is really good news in that we have only used about $600 out of our lifetime max of $10,000 so far, for two IUIs and several u/s.  Chris's portion hasn't been billed through the insurance yet, so I'm sure we will be hit with more bills, but still, this is better than I thought.  This means we will do two more cycles of IUI and will (hopefully) have enough of our coverage to cover an IVF cycle.  It's weird, thinking about IVF, no longer as an abstract procedure, but as something we will quite possibly be doing.

How am I doing with my weight loss, you ask?  Well yesterday morning I weighed myself and I was 166 lbs.  Last night, after waddling walking up to the scale in fear, after finishing the last of my Clomid, I was 170 pounds.  I gained four pounds in a day with this horrible, no good bloating.  Today I ate five Girl Scout cookies.  You tell me how I am doing with my weight loss. 

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