14dpiui Beta

It didn't work.  We had an ovulation, a great sperm count injected into my uterus, with a little progesterone in there to maintain my lining.  And it didn't work.  I was SO sure it would work.

I started spotting last night and thought that was weird.  This morning I woke up with a little more spotting.  I was feeling pretty hopeful, because I thought this could mean implantation bleeding.  I also thought that since I was on progesterone, I wouldn't get my period.

I had my beta this morning before school and constantly kept checking my phone for them to call back.  My heart sank when I went to the bathroom on break and saw more blood.  Like, period blood.  I was also having some cramping.  I wasn't feeling so hopeful after that.

I received a voicemail while I was in class and when we had a quick break, I ran out there to listen to it.


It was probably better for me to have to immediately go back to class.

When I called the nurse back later, I asked why I seemed to have my period if the progesterone was supposed to hold it back.  Oh you'll love this.  Apparently, in some cases, your period can "break through," as she described it.  Meaning, if Aunt Flo wants to come in, and you lock your doors and board the windows, she'll break your fucking door down anyway. She's a little bitch like that.

Baseline u/s is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.  I was going to try to take another day of p4 to hold off my period like I did last month, to time out the doctor appointments where I miss the least amount of work possible.  Silly me.  When did I think I had control over any of this?

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