IUI Round 2. The wait begins.

Second IUI!  I wish more than anything that this does the trick.  I tried to lay flat yesterday as much as I could.  I know I can technically go about my day, but since I was off work, I decided to take advantage of it.  Besides, it's eating away at our lifetime amount for insurance so I want to give this cycle the best opportunity possible.

Once again, I had to verify Chris's sperm at the doctor.  Ready for this number?  Ok here it is:

144 million.  77% motility.  My husband breeds super sperm.  I was confused at first because I thought the number was supposed to go down.  Our nurse today said that usually that's what happens, but sometimes the count goes up the second day and they don't know why.  Or some explanation to that effect.  I had a hard time hearing her over the explosion of Chris's big head.

So now that 271 million sperm have been given the opportunity to fertilize my egg, I have to keep the faith, that it ONLY TAKES ONE!  I just hope my egg doesn't try to throw a glass of wine in their faces or something.  Or that this doesn't happen:

So now the Wait begins.  The two-week wait.  I have done many of them.  But this month has been our best yet.  The Wait is going to be harder.  I will need lots of things to distract myself.  And I'm sure there will be some posts about my overanalyzing every little symptom thinking I am pregnant.  Sigh.

Anyone want to come over for a tribal baby dance?

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