Happy 2013! 30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 24

24.  How has your financial situation affected your infertility journey?

Well, up until now I have only been paying for Clomid and office copays.  And in December when we went to the fertility clinic, the only additional expense was the P4 and trigger shot.  Though the trigger was a pain to get, we didn't have to pay out of pocket for it.  So really, our financial situation hasn't really affected us besides having to watch what we spent being that I wasn't working that much.  Now, if this all leads to IVF, that is where we are going to be affected by it.  Like I said before, we only get 10,000 dollars lifetime for IF coverage, unless Chris changes jobs and the new insurance is different.  So if it comes down to IVF, that is going to most likely be an out of pocket expense and a single IVF cycle is around $10-15,000.  I am becoming more aware of some resources out there for IVF funding, so hopefully we can get some help if we need it.

I feel like I should be writing down New Year's Resolutions.  Actually, it would have fit better to do it yesterday.  I haven't really thought of any good ones.  Sure I would like to lose weight.  But these fertility hormones make me shove food in my mouth faster than the World Champion Hotdog Eater.  At least I blame it on the hormones.  We'll go with that.

I am not going to resolve to be more positive about this whole thing.  I am just not in that place right now.  How about I just stick with these slightly vague goals:

1) Take better care of myself.  Exercise more, eat less chips and dip.  I bought new Yoga pants so I can do that too.

2) Draw closer to God.  Attend church more regularly and read the Bible more than I was.

Both of these will improve my mood anyway.

Hope everyone had a good New Year.  Chris and I ate lots of Papa John's pizza and breadsticks; I, in gleeful defiance, drank a beer; and we promptly fell asleep at 11:30.