CD 3 Baseline U/S

Today was my baseline u/s.  I have 4 follies on the right and 6 on the left.  I was running late from my training in Bloomington and got lost (twice).  So I flew in there without peeing first.  Needless to say, I was a bit uncomfortable during the exam.  For those of you who have had a date with the dildo cam before, you know it's uncomfortable as it is.  I mean, when it comes down to it, it's really not any different than this:

I mean, seriously.  How is that camera really any different than this Pure Romance Vibrator?  (I searched Google images to find this.  I don't recommend it.)  The only difference is that it doesn't vibrate (if it did, I bet there would be a lot more women going to the RE's office).

I know I'm a nurse and I'm used to doctor's offices.  But this thing makes me feel like I did when I was five and had my shots.  I feel like I should get a sticker or something for taking the dildo cam like a champ.

I kept telling the woman that I can go pee if needed, but she just kept going.  Luckily she didn't push on my abdomen to move my ovaries.  I would have peed on her hand.  I wonder if that's ever happened?

So now that everyone is good and feeling awkward, we can continue.  I promise, no more vibrators or pee.

My hCG trigger order was sent to the mail order pharmacy again (thank you, Freedom Fertility) and hopefully everything goes more smoothly than last month.

My doctor is increasing my dose of Clomid from 100mg to 150 mg.  "It's still in the recommended dosing," yada, yada, yada.  It still makes me freaked.  I remember my OB/GYN back awhile ago saying she wouldn't put me on 150 because it's not that much more effective than the 100, and it increases the chance of my ovaries becoming hyperstimulated.  However, it now means I can have any excuse I want to yell at my husband. 

The pharmacist must have been confused at the order, because he even had to call my clinic and confirm the dosage.  They come in 50mg pills, so I have to take three at a time.  He didn't even have enough pills to give me for all five days and I have to come pick up the rest Monday. 

I am on so many pills that I cleaned out the f-ing pharmacy.  You WISH you had as many pills as me. 

My CD 10 u/s is scheduled for next Friday morning.  I did end up talking to my manager my first week at work, and she was very understanding.  I told her I was going through medical treatments that required frequent monitoring.  She said I can make up any hours that I miss and to just let her know as soon as possible when I will be out.  Hopefully everything works out. 

I hope we will be able to just trigger that night and do the IUIs next weekend, or Monday when I am not working.  I have class until 11:30, but that can be worked out.

I took my first dose of Clomid tonight.  Let the mood swings and Jabba begin.

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